Exemplifying an Excellent Way to Deal with Offline Exchange OST File!

Microsoft Exchange gives this exceptional option to create an offline file to hold personal mailbox data. This data includes the emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. and the file is known as Offline Storage Table abbreviated as OST. The file is created when the cached mode is enabled while configuring it with MS Outlook application. This file serves as an offline backup which can be accessed easily without any Exchange connection. It acts like a local replica with no restrictions on its usage. But is it completely restriction-free? What if this file gets corrupted? What if the OST file is supposed to be accessed in any other system? Well, this section will discuss about such cases and a solution to all such possible issues.

Offline OST File Inaccessibility Issues

Orphaned OST: OST file is bound to the Exchange mailbox and the email data and other data of server is continuously synched with the local OST file. When the Exchange mailbox is dismounted or gets deleted from the server, this file becomes inaccessible and is orphaned. In case there is any issue with the exchange mailbox or profile, OST file will not be of any use.

Bound To MAPI: When Exchange profile is configured with cached mode enabled OST file is created. But this file can be accessed only in the same system where it was configured. This happens because the OST file has some restriction applied on it and reads the MAPI profile details stored in system registry to open. If you try to copy it to other system, you will not be able to view the emails in other system.

Corruption: This is one of the common problems which are associated with almost every type of data file. Most of the data files have tendency to get corrupted due to virus attack, physical damages in system or disk, improper handling, etc. OST file too can get corrupted and its access can be engraved with several erroneous messages. If this file gets corrupted, the file will become inaccessible and it the emails stored in it can get permanently lost.

How to Overcome Such Circumstances?

Many users face such situations where the OST file gets corrupted or orphaned. Some users also want to access this OST file in some other system by copying it. But this local replica cannot be accessed if it is orphaned or corrupted. If you too are facing same kind of trouble, you can opt for OST Recovery tool which is capable to recover email data to PST file. This file can be then accessed in any system by importing it in MS Outlook application. This software also works for corrupted or orphaned OST file.