Do You Know How to Repair Corrupted OST File? Let Us Teach You!

Have you been looking for some efficient techniques to repair corrupt OST file? This has been the query of almost every Outlook user working in Exchange server environment. Here, I am going to discuss out the ways for repairing the corrupted or inaccessible OST files. Before that let, us first know what are OST files and how are they corrupted?

What are OST files?

Any user working on the collaborative platform of Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook knows the benefits of working with OST file. These files are formed when the mailbox data is cached on the hard disk in enabled cache Exchange mode. The OST files are mirror images of mailbox data and allow users to work in circumstance when there is no connection with server. However, when the server connection is established, the data that are worked out in offline server conditions is uploaded to mailbox.

How Do OST Files Become Inaccessible?

OST files can become corrupted or inaccessible due to several reasons. One of the most common reason is that if the mailbox on Exchange server that has been configured with Outlook is deleted by the system administrators, then the OST files become orphan. The orphan files are inaccessible by the users. Apart from this, there are several other causes for OST files becoming corrupted.

  • Synchronization Issues: Any problem in the synchronization of Outlook and mailbox data can lead to a situation where OST files become corrupted.
  • Faulty Network Connection: Sometimes there are some faults in network connections and due to this; there is a possibility of OST files being corrupted.
  • Defective Device Configurations: There is plausibility of some connections or device configurations being damaged. This can affect the synchronization process of OST files and they can be corrupted.

Because of the above reasons, OST files have the maximum probability of becoming corrupted or damaged. In such situations, they need to recover the inaccessible OST files. Now, the question that comes around is how to retrieve OST file data.

Finding Out Solutions to Recover Corrupt OST Files

Recover OST File

If the mailbox has not been deleted away by the system administrator then user can try with the procedure of rebuilding OST files. This process involves around deletion of original OST files and again recreating the OST files by configuring the Outlook profile with Exchange server. However, if the mailbox is deleted by the system administrator then the user needs to depend on third-party tools. One such application is OST file repair tool. It provides a platform for recovering the damaged or corrupted OST files and converts them to three file formats: PST/EML and MSG.